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Project Description
one of the most SharePoint headaches for developers is the lack of Read-Unread items functionality (Similar to outlook or any mail client )
this was my challenge in this project to create this functionality with the minimal modifications and to insure that the code will be clean enough and not affect the overall performance

this projects achieves the Read-Unread functionality with simple approach , as the following
1- create site column and call it (ViewdBy) this column needs to be a people or group column and to allow multiple values .
2- add the created column to all content type you want to track if their items are read or unread
3- deploy the solution package
4- create two new view (unread items ) which will have a filter (viewdby not equal to Me) and another view (read items) where the filter is (viewedby is equal to Me)
5- add the (Read_Unread) webpart into the Display form for the lists you want to track readers
Done !
what the solution contains and how it operates :
the idea of this project is very simple , every time the users opens the display form the system will add this user to users field in the item (viewedby) this field allow multiple values so we can have n-users in it as an indication that those users saw this item
2- every time the item is updated the solution automatically removes all users from the (viewedby) column and thus , the item appears as unread again for users
3- you can use sharepoint designer to perform conditional formatting according to this column (example show unread items in bold , or on different color )
4- this project still in tis beta version , I have tested it and it is working fine with me , your notes and comments are welcome , I hope we can collaborate in enhancing this project

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